Quality and Innovation…

The concept of our company’s development project is contained in these two words.

We’ve embraced the choice of quality ever since the beginning … for us quality comes first!

This is the policy which we’ve always followed with great determination: of course we’ve been through rough times, but our firm belief that every compromise one makes is a loss of one’s own identity. With quality we combine a constant drive towards innovation: innovation in production processes, knowledge, and in every single skill.

We embrace the challenge to constantly search for avant-garde solutions, and for the most advanced technologies, in order to guarantee unquestionably high quality formulas to our clients – offering efficient service – in order to keep our clientele at the level of modern specialized farming.
To realize such a great development project, along the way we have had to make important decisions, sometimes difficult ones, and which have forced us to struggle with a market characterized by sadly contrasting tendencies.

Nevertheless, in our continuous challenge to face the market we have always been upheld by the strong loyalty of our clientele, who so often have proved to believe in our company, in Tiller products, and in the policies of quality we have promoted over the years.

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